Why Royal Language School?

Nyelvtanfolyam Győr. Angol Győr, Német GyőrDesigned to individual needs: All learners of our school may write a placement test free of charge with the help of which we can filter the learners individual strengths and weaknesses that way we can design the curriculum to fit individual needs. nyelvvizsga

Aim oriented training: With the help of situations and real life examples we do not only teach our learners how to speak the language but also how to think in the foreign language, which helps learners to express themselves in new situations. nyelvtanfolyam


Flexibility: We maximally take notice of our clients’ changing conditions and needs.


Celerity and effectiveness: We maximally focus on what our learners need.


Up-to-date teaching methods: We use all kinds of modern equipment at our school. In our classrooms you can find audio-visual equipments like Internet, DVD- and CD player. Learners can use all kinds of multimedia, for example, the can write a placement test online.


Real pleasure of gaining knowledge: Learning should be a pleasure for learners. Our method is based on diversity and interests of learners to be able to maintain continual attention. This way we can reach maximal result. Students may also ask for CDs, MultiROM packets with pronunciation exercises and short films (interlocking with lesson material) to use at home.


The team: Our enthusiastic young team helps learners to reach their goal on funny lessons in a homely atmosphere.



Renáta Krafcsik
Managing Director

Viktória Ambrus
School administrator






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