What you need to know about courses!
Before starting a course, our learners need to write a placement test to strain off their strengths and weaknesses and main aims. Knowing all these information we are able to recommend the most appropriate type of course which concentrates on what our learners really need.

Before you enrol on any course consider the following factors:

Number of people in a group: Really important!!! Always ask what the minimal and maximal number of people in a group is as the lower the number of people in a group is, the more effective. In a smaller group the teacher is able to concentrate more on correcting one individual’s mistakes. In a group of more than six learners efficiency drops drastically.

Price: Determining factor but do not forget: the lower the price, the more people in the group, even 12-18 in a group. In such a group the time one individual gets is really low.

Pace: Everybody would like to learn the language as fast as possible but there are no wonder substances just like there are not ones in dieting. But there are newer and more modern methods which can accelerate the process the rest is up to the learner’s communication skills, diligence and persistence.

Levels: It is important to know what level you reached after finishing a course or book. Earlier three main levels were differentiated between basic, intermediate and advanced level. Today we use the levels recommended by the EU. You can read more about these levels under Moduls.

Type of course: It is important to know what the given course prepares for: communication, language exam, school-leaving exam, job interview etc.

Intensity of course: It is also important how often we have classes and how much extra work we receive. For example we can finish a 60-lesson-course in two weeks but it is also possible to finish it in 5 weeks with three times four lessons a week or in three months with twice two lessons a week. Although it is also important to know that the less intense the course is, the later you achieve your goal.

Our course types:
  • Intensive course:
    A really effective way to learn a language as with this type of course learners may achieve more in one month than with a few lessons a week for a year. If you choose this course you will have four lessons every weekday.

  • Super intensive course:
    More intensive than intensive courses as students have 6 lessons a day.
  • Traditional course:
    Two, three or four forty-five-minute-lessons twice or three times a week. Compared to intensive courses these traditional courses are longer in procession.
  • One-to-one course:
    One or the most effective and most convenient type of courses. The learner can decide on conditions like pace and timetable. Requires active participation which results in high efficiency.

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